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Drop-down list for data entry in forms [18 Aug 2009|10:48am]

I haven't used Access in awhile and I'm not sure if this is possible. I looked through the tutorial but I can't find what I need.

I want to create a form for data entry. For some fields I have a set number of possibilities. For example, a supplier can be either foriegn or domestic. Instead of typing out foriegn or domestic everytime I enter a supplier is there a way to have a drop-down list and pick foriegn or domestic? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Access 2007 problems--Can you help?? [19 May 2009|04:36pm]


So, I'm pretty much in a nightmare, that makes no sense to me why it is a nightmare.

I want to do one simple thing: Join the entire information of two tables based on a field of like values. I have 41 sets of two tables to do this too. With some of these tables I am having the same problems in importing.

I should add, all the sets of tables have gone through considerable formatting and data cleaning in excel 2007 to make the values alike. Originally, I was using the "VLOOKUP" function in excel to join these tables...however, the huge size of these tables (some have over a million rows) means it needs to be done in a much more large-database friendly access format.

Behind the cut, I detail the problems I'm having from importing the tables, and with joining them the way I want (which is basically what I would accomplish using "VLOOKUP": a join of all the like values AND the inclusion of the data that did not have like values from the two sheets).

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Final Note: I'd say I'm like 20% familiar with Access, and 100% familiar with Excel. I've tried very hard to solve these dilemma's on my own...but it's getting me nowhere. Any help would be wildly appreciated!!
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Open Office Base [05 Feb 2009|10:33am]

[ mood | curious ]

Do any of you geeky folks know much about or have experience with Open Office’s Base program? This is the Sun Systems freeware rip-off of Microsoft Access. I love MS Access and use it to do a ton of things – professionally, personally, and in my private charitable work. I’d love to become proficient at Base as well so that I wasn’t tethered by the Microsoft Access license. Free is always better, right? And Access is usually the priciest component of the MS Office Suite.

I’ve only been able to find one “Base for Dummies” type book online. I’ve ordered it and will see how helpful it is. I’m a bit wary that it doesn’t have any user reviews … but meh … it’s the only option. We’ll see.

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Database for warehouse shipping and receiving [21 Nov 2008|11:50pm]

[ mood | not as ticketyboo as I thought ]


I am working on a project to track warehouse shipping and receiving through access. The warehouse has four distinct areas. I am looking for someone who knows about using queries, forms and reports in Access 2002 for a troubleshooting chat / e-mail setup.
If you like, e-mail me at blav_98@yahoo.com just be sure to put 'Access Help' in the subject so I don't delete it be accident.

Thanks in advance,

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1st May post. [17 May 2008|08:29pm]

Ok. I want be able to make a pop up window that when I enter in the highway number -it shows me what lights are on that highway number. Eg. - I enter number 9 and all the data for route 9 shows up. Id share the file -but you HAVE TO have a legit email.
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Many to Many Relationships [20 Oct 2007|07:47pm]

[ mood | curious ]


Sad to say, I'm brand new to Access. I've got Access 2000, and a "Comprehensive Enhanced" book for Access 97.

So far things are sort of making sense and I'm feeling it out..but I feel like I'm at a mental block for how to implement further.

My form will have the date, along with a list of items from a table. I want basically a list of checkboxes for each of these items. I want to track over time the frequency each of these items were checked.

Am I right to think this is a many to many situation..as the date is tied to numerous items for checking, and each item for checking can be tied to any number of dates?

There is all of one paragraph about many-to-many setups and I'm not sure their illustration works the same way I'm thinking. I feel fuzzy on this matter. If someone can let me know if I'm at least on the right track for what I'm trying to do, or provide some assistance on setting up a many-to-many relationship, I would be much obliged!


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Access Database question [24 Jul 2007|10:59am]

[ mood | busy ]

I have an Access Database that I am working on for my co-worker, that we use to track software licenses by user and system. Each system is assgined to a user in the database. On the form where this is done, there is a Combo Box that the user clicks to to select the Employee to assign to the currect record. The Combo Box currently displays the Employee number since that is the unique ID that I chose to use. My co-worker would like for it to display the Employee Name, but we still want the table to record their Employee ID.

What would the best way to do this be???

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report formatting help [06 Jul 2007|05:09pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I'm building a database for work. I've got it built and functional and now I'm down to the nit-picky design things to make the reports more readable.

We're a real estate company and I'm tracking all of our properties and which agent(s) are working on each. (There's a lot more than that, but that's all that's playing into my aggravation right now) PropertyInfo table is linked to Agents by a PropCode field. There can be one or more agents per property so it's a one-to-many relationship.

I built a report that's currently grouped by property with the agent names in the "detail" section so it looks kinda like this:

Property A

agent a
agent b

Property B
agent c

And so on.

What I *want* it to do is give me something like:

Property A Agent A Agent B
Property B Agent C

Is there something I can do with the query or with the properties of the field/report to get multiple agent records to show up on one corresponding property line in the report?
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Eliminating duplicates in queries? [28 Jun 2007|12:18pm]

I'm working with a membership database that includes two linked tables, one of the members and one of the memberships that they've purchased. I'd like to make a query that lists all the members for whom there is membership purchased. But some people like to submit multiple memberships, and I only want them to show up on the list once. What's the best way to do this?
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Can this be done in Access? [11 May 2007|01:26pm]

I used to do a lot of work in Access and Filemaker, but I haven't been working with databases at all for the past few years. I work at a mosque, and right now we're keeping all of our membership records in Quickbooks. I'd like to set it up in Access instead, but one of the aspects of QB that I really like is that there's a very easy-to-use screen to add dues paid. We have each year set up as a "product" and then we can just enter a sales reciept where the person "buys" each year for which they were a member, and it's automatically added to their record. If at all possible, I'd like to replicate this in Access. As I said, I'm pretty rusty, but this is how I imagine it:

I'd have two tables, one tracking members and their contact information, and one tracking memberships sold. The memberships sold table would include a field for "sold to" where the person would have to choose from the members in table 1. Then, and here's the part I'm not entirely sure how to do, there would be a field/array/something in table 1 that tracked all of the membership years sold to each member.

Sorry if I'm not explaining this well, I haven't had lunch yet.

edit: And while I'm at it, if I have text fields for first name and last name, what's the best way of creating a field for full name that automatically combines the two?
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video store [09 May 2007|10:17pm]

password: TigerReels

if you can figure out how to make this thing better i will love you forever. I have little to no background using access and my group decided that i knew the most so I have to do it all. please help me! thank you soo much!

its a video store. i want to update the inventory when a video is checked out
i also want to update the inventory when a video is checked back in.. if i can get that to work then i will be happy
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I need help [28 Apr 2007|04:02pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

I have a file id like to send to people if they can help me. Its for my job. I dont know how to import my own infomation into the file....its a database that when exported to excel, you can see all the info. However if I add to the EXCEL file and try to add it back in to access....no info I added is shown. Reply on here and I can email it.....Id thank you all...and awesome community this is by the way.... -JON

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A question [18 Apr 2007|11:25am]

Dear all,
I have a Form in Access, numbers changes by click.
If two people work with the form at the same time, it remembers only the last number.
Is it possible to make a sum of the results?
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A Security question [11 Apr 2007|12:15pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I am building my first in depth database using access and due to some boneheaded move on my part I somehow turned on the Security and now it will not let me make any changes. I checked the User and Group Permissions and it lists the Admin account but there are no options selected and if I try to change it it tells me that I do not have Administrator rights. The owner of the objects in the databse is listed as Unknown.

Is there any way to reset the databse back to the default settings for this? I tried to import the objects into a new databse but it does not let me because of not haveing the correct rights. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi [12 Mar 2007|08:54am]

[ mood | confused ]

I was looking for some suggestions for a DB I'm working on.. I'll cut to give you the rundown.
Cut to save your friends page.Collapse )

My Sanity Thanks you in advance for your suggestions.

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Excel question [22 Feb 2007|03:28pm]

I know this is an Access forum, but taking a shot that someone might know enough about Excel VBA.

Here is my dilemma. I have a sheet that needs to be formatted in order to be imported to an Access database. I've created a macro to do this, but the problem is that the guy who keeps the sheet up to date keeps adding comments in little comment boxes.

Is there a way to delete all comments from an excel sheet? Like, can I loop through a collection or something?

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A strange thing... [16 Feb 2007|11:01am]

I have a dozen or so procedures that take Access data and save it to excel. They worked before, and they have stopped working. This in itself leads me to believe that it's a system issue. I still need a way to fix it though, or an explanation of why this is happening all of a sudden.

What happens is that the command button is pressed which kicks off the event, the process runs as it is supposed to, it produces the "Save as" dialog box with defaults, the user can choose to save it where they want, choose to change the name if they want, then when they press "Save" everything appears fine - except no saved file ever results. The file is created new each time from data, I am not opening an existing sheet. It will not save though. Bizzare.

the codeCollapse )

Eternal thanks and all that... :-)
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Word table filling from Access using VBA [12 Feb 2007|02:24am]

Hi all.

I need to fill my report template in Word document with Access' data.
Now I use something like this:


Public rstRecordset As Recordset

Set rstRecordset = Access.CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("<SELECT ...>")

With WordDocument
    .Tables.Item(1).Cell(RowNumber, 1).Range.Text = rstRecordset.Fields("Field1")
    .Tables.Item(1).Cell(RowNumber, 2).Range.Text = rstRecordset.Fields("Field2")
End With


7x20 table filling, for example, takes about 3 seconds.
Maybe there is another way to fill it faster?

No variants like "use non-Word reports", please.
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[24 Jan 2007|10:07pm]

I have a question about how you can check to see the "actions" that you did on a database. Like putting on filters/taking them off and other stuff. This is for my info systems class
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Help! [28 Nov 2006|09:00pm]

I am praying that someone here can help me out with this problem -

I have to make my current access database do billing. In theory, that would
be a * b = c, but I have a lot of variables and no idea how to program this
to make it work.

Table 1 - Rate Table
Customer Rate Commodity
ABC Co $225 Twine
ABC Co $500 Burlap
Widget Inc $200 Plywood

Table 2 - Inventory
Customer Warehouse Receipt Description
ABC Co 113456 Treated Burlap Squares

I need to have a query or a report be able to know that the charge for
warehouse receipt #113456 is $500 and I have no idea how to get from this
info to access knowing that answer. If there were only one option per
customer, I could figure it out but since there will be multiple rates per
customer depending on the commodity, I have no idea how to get Access to
recognize the commodity from the description in the Inventory table and then
report that info back out onto an invoice.

It would first have to identify the customer from the Inventory table and then show all the matches from the rate table. For ABC Co, it would show two matches:
Customer Rate Commodity
ABC Co $225 Twine
ABC Co $500 Burlap

Next it would have to compare the description from the inventory table with the 2 commodities above. It would have to be some kind of "like" command to get it to recognize the word burlap in the description and burlap in the commodity. Then it would return the rate for the match, which would be $500.

Anyone have any ideas??

Thanks so much for your time!
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