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report formatting help

I'm building a database for work. I've got it built and functional and now I'm down to the nit-picky design things to make the reports more readable.

We're a real estate company and I'm tracking all of our properties and which agent(s) are working on each. (There's a lot more than that, but that's all that's playing into my aggravation right now) PropertyInfo table is linked to Agents by a PropCode field. There can be one or more agents per property so it's a one-to-many relationship.

I built a report that's currently grouped by property with the agent names in the "detail" section so it looks kinda like this:

Property A
agent a
agent b

Property B
agent c

And so on.

What I *want* it to do is give me something like:

Property A Agent A Agent B
Property B Agent C

Is there something I can do with the query or with the properties of the field/report to get multiple agent records to show up on one corresponding property line in the report?
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