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Can this be done in Access?

I used to do a lot of work in Access and Filemaker, but I haven't been working with databases at all for the past few years. I work at a mosque, and right now we're keeping all of our membership records in Quickbooks. I'd like to set it up in Access instead, but one of the aspects of QB that I really like is that there's a very easy-to-use screen to add dues paid. We have each year set up as a "product" and then we can just enter a sales reciept where the person "buys" each year for which they were a member, and it's automatically added to their record. If at all possible, I'd like to replicate this in Access. As I said, I'm pretty rusty, but this is how I imagine it:

I'd have two tables, one tracking members and their contact information, and one tracking memberships sold. The memberships sold table would include a field for "sold to" where the person would have to choose from the members in table 1. Then, and here's the part I'm not entirely sure how to do, there would be a field/array/something in table 1 that tracked all of the membership years sold to each member.

Sorry if I'm not explaining this well, I haven't had lunch yet.

edit: And while I'm at it, if I have text fields for first name and last name, what's the best way of creating a field for full name that automatically combines the two?
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